Adventure Is Here

Travel and adventure has been throughout the evolution of human beings, humans has been gifted with so much knowledge of nature and self-being and the society through that evolution. At Devo Adventure we take have learned that adventure and travel is the best way to learn and experience some of the best moment of life. We take people those places, which inspires you to know what natural beauty really mean. The knowledge out of your textbook to understand the lifestyle of people in remote part of the world. The different work from your daily work where you would like to do it everyday. Journey that will be an inspirational unimaginable to your self and for those who have known you for years.

Devo Adventure being the first company to organize the first official cycling trip from Everest Base Camp in Nepal with Mr Patrick J Sweeney who is a motivator and an adventure ambassador for Alpena Watches which is just an example of our work. Our trips are organized from a private to a family or bigger groups in trekking, cycling or adventures trips from a simple day tour to climbing the Himalayas. At Devo Adventure we take travellers from a cultural tour in the cities to experience the wild life experience of the nature, from a low land rafting to high land trekking and peak climbing’s. In Devo Adventure boundaries are limitless for travellers to make the personal journey of lifetime.

Devo Adventure along with travel business we also have been responsible for being a small helping hand in village like Kimche, where the kids live in very little education facility. We have helped with bring modern educational facility and volunteered teachers to teach something new. Day by day we are changing the way they learn, make it easier and much more interesting for kids to learn more.


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