Recent Updates

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on the 25th April. The powerful earthquake made lots of damages. Many people lost their lives and still lots of them are missing. Many houses in Kathmandu and villages near Kathmandu got destroyed. Some of the famous monument buildings which were listed in UNESCO world heritage sights also got destroyed.

It is a loss for Nepal and Nepalese, which would take time to overcome. The loss of people and houses brought all Nepalese people together to help each other. Devo adventure staffs are involved with Red Cross in supplying goods in remote part where people got affected. We and our valuable clients have joined hands to raise funds to help people with food and shelter.

We will keep helping and we wish you to do so in the time of difficulties the beautiful country is suffering. You could help by funding in an organization like helpnepal or personally getting in touch with Devo Adventure. You could help by visiting the country and travelling around.