Adventure, Nature and Culture Tour

Adventure, Nature and Culture tour is a an itinerary that covers the places to visit the world heritage sights recognized by UNESCO, Natural wild life parks and Scenic places to visit. A short itinerary takes you through old temples, towns, a wild life experience in Chitwan national park to observe endangered one horned Raino and Bengal tiger and at last but not enough to enjoy the natural beauty for Pokhara and the surrounding Himalayas and lakes.

Chitwan National Park:

A paradise to wild animals, Chitwan national park listed as one of the best wild life parks of Asia, Chitwan National Park is a natural heritage of Nepal and. The Park is home to some of    the endangered animals like, Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhino and they have been thriving well in here. The dense forest is also home to other animals like Wild elephants. Out of 80 species of birds found in Nepal 424 species are found in Chitwan NationaL Park. A jungle experience and a short canoe experience is also a delightful moment.


Pokhara is a city located in the valley with the Himalayas in the north and lakes to the east and west of the city. A naturally gifted city has lots of adventures activities that can be done. The touristic hub of Nepal, Pokhara is also a center point of start for some the major treks of Nepal. The lake nearby where people go for boating and the temple to visit at the center of      the Lake and also to see the Himalayas views. a close place for world class paragliding, jeep flyer and rafting and day hikes are available in such a small place.